Quality Migrant Admission Scheme
Obtaining permanent residence in Hong Kong without investment

Individual Score Test of QMAS

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Why Apply for Quality Migrant Admission Scheme?

Why apply

The Hong Kong Quality Migrant Admission Scheme, abbreviated as the QMAS, is a quota-based immigration absorption scheme designed to attract highly skilled or talented people to settle in Hong Kong and enhance Hong Kong's competitiveness. Approved applicants are not required to obtain an offer of employment from a local employer before coming to settle in Hong Kong. In the selection process, applications that meet both the "Basic Qualifications" and accumulate a passing score under the "Integrated Points System", or those who meet the "Basic Qualifications" and receive points under the "Points for Achievement" will be further assessed by the Quality and Professionals Advisory Committee (Advisory Committee). Hong Kong will abolish the annual quota cap for the Quality Migrant Admission Scheme from 1 January 2023.
No industry restrictions
All walks of life can apply for Hong Kong identity through this plan
No employment requirements
It is not necessary to obtain the employment of the employer before applying, and can be employed freely after being approved
Unlimited quota
The Hong Kong government lifted the previous quota limit (for two years)
Family sponsorship
Spouses and children under the age of 18 can apply together
Simple conditions
The application threshold is low, and the application can be submitted after the comprehensive score reaches 80 points
Global travel
After being approved for 7 years, you can apply for a Hong Kong passport, which is visa-free for more than 150 countries and regions

How to Apply for QMAS Visa?

How to apply

Sign Agreements
Sign the Hong Kong identity handling agreement and pay the service fee
Prepare Documents
Fill in personal information, set positions for the scheme, confirm and finalize the documents, provide documents required for the document list, sort out the complete set of documents, and submit them to the Hong Kong Immigration Department
Approval Process
Issue the exclusive file number and wait for the result of screening by the Hong Kong Immigration Department
Obtain approval and visa
Obtain the principled approval letter, face trial guidance, prepare interview materials, go to Hong Kong for interview, obtain the certificate and formal approval letter signed in Hong Kong
ID Card Application
Apply for stay D visa, activate visa for entry into Hong Kong, and apply for Hong Kong ID card
Renew the visa in the form of 2+3+3, and submit the renewal application one month before the visa expires
Permanent Residence
Prepare permanent residence information and submit it to the Hong Kong Immigration Department. Hong Kong permanent resident ID card and passport will be handled after permanent residence
Application Conditions
Over 18 years old (provide identification documents)
Economic capacity
Can afford the first year's living expenses for yourself and your dependents (200000 for individuals; 300000 for families+)
No crime, no bad entry record
Good oral and writing skills (Mandarin/Cantonese/English)
Graduation Certificate/Degree Certificate/Professional Qualification Certificate(to be issued by recognized universities or institutions)
Pass the General Points Test or Achievement-based Points Test

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Finovy Advantage

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