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What is China-Appointed Attesting Officer Service?

Appointed Attesting Officer

What is China-Appointed Attesting Officer notarization?
China-Appointed Attesting Officer Service

The "Hong Kong lawyer notarization" commissioned by the Ministry of Justice of China is the "China commissioned notary public notarization". According to the Order No. 69 of the Ministry of Justice of the People's Republic of China and the Management Measures for China commissioned notaries (Hong Kong), the business scope of commissioned notaries is to prove legal acts, facts and documents of legal significance that have occurred in the Hong Kong region, and the scope of use of the certificate is in the mainland. In other words, if documents produced in Hong Kong are to be used in mainland China, it is necessary to notarize the relevant Hong Kong documents by a Chinese authorized notary to prove their authenticity and legality.

In particular, various official documents issued by the Hong Kong government, such as birth papers, marriage certificates and identity cards; Limited company documents, such as company establishment certificates and business registration certificates (CI, BR), are different from those issued in mainland China. In order to prevent forgery and forgery, Hong Kong documents must first be notarized, stamped, and transmitted by a Chinese authorized notary appointed by the Chinese Ministry of Justice.

Common Types of Notarization

Notary Category

Business Documents
Certificate of incorporation
Business registration certificate
Corporate directors’ /shareholders’ resolution
Corporate power of attorney
Certificate of application for Hong Kong-invested enterprise
Certificate of real estate sale contract
Article of association
Accounting report
Credibility letter
Civil Documents
Declaration to marry with a Chinese mainlander
Declaration of Chinese mainland relatives visit Hong Kong
Declaration of acceptance or rejection of inheritance
Affidavit of spouse / marriage
Declaration of adoption of children
Financial Guarantee for Chinese Mainlanders study abroad
Affidavit of kinship
Personal power of attorney
Academic certificate

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Notarial Procedures by China-Appointed Attesting Officer

Notarization Process

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Documents must be notarized, stamped and forwarded by a China-Appointed Attesting Officer appointed by the Ministry of Justice of the People's Republic of China.
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