Dubai Work / Tourist Visa
The economic and financial center of the Middle East and one of the cities with the highest degree of internationalization

Dubai Work Visa

Dubai work visa

In the United Arab Emirates, it is only legal to work with a work visa and a resident visa. The work visa must be handled by the local employer in the United Arab Emirates, and it is valid for entry within 60 days after the issuance. After entry, you must go to the hospital designated by the government for medical examination and medical insurance. After obtaining the medical certificate, you can go to the labor and immigration department to apply for a residence visa.
Applicant Formalities
Family Application Procedures
Applicants can apply to Dubai together with their families (wives and children under 18).
Scanning copy of passport (valid for at least 6 months, without notarization)
Scanning copy of passport (valid for at least 6 months, without notarization)
Photo (white background)
Marriage certificate (notarized certificate)
Birth certificate (notarized certificate)
Applicant Dubai Rent Lease Contract
Applicant's entry into Dubai
Apply for electronic signature and status conversion (3-4 working days)
Application form for physical examination, fingerprint scanning and ID card (3 working days)
Submit the original passport and affix the long signature of the United Arab Emirates (4 working days)
Receive UAE ID card (3 working days)
The applicant enters Dubai (application can only be made after the applicant's visa is completed)
Submit data, handle status conversion and electronic signature
Apply for physical examination and ID card
Handle physical examination and ID fingerprint scanning
Submit the original passport and paste the UAE visa
Get ID card
It is a serious illegal act to use the visa exemption policy of the United Arab Emirates to enter the country, and will be punished by law, sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment and a high fine, and deported. You are not allowed to enter the United Arab Emirates without visa in the name of travel or visit to work illegally.
If you plan to work in Afghanistan, you should fully understand the nature and content of the work, select enterprises qualified for foreign labor cooperation, sign a written contract, and apply for legal work visas.

Dubai Tourist Visa

Dubai tourist visa

Required Document:
Scanning copy of passport (valid for at least 6 months, without notarization)
Processing time:
About a week

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