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Online assessment

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Popular Areas

Popular Areas

How to Choose Right Location for New Business

How to choose

International trade
Tax Planning
IPO Financing
International brand
Countries/regions with superior geographical location, good international image and free and stable trade are preferred

Six Advantages of Registering an Overseas Company

Registration advantages

Tax Neutrality
The tax system is loose, which is conducive to the tax planning of enterprises and saves costs
Loose Foreign Exchange
Avoid foreign exchange control, flexible capital allocation, which is conducive to capital circulation
Strict Confidentiality
Less information disclosure requirements, higher company privacy and confidentiality
Facilitate Recapitalization
Can be used for company structure construction and reorganization, which is conducive to overseas listing
International Branding
Carry out international business, build an international brand, and enhance brand influence
Conducive to international trade
Avoid tariff barriers and benefit international trade

Overseas Company Registration Process

How to register

Contact Us
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Company Name
Check availability of company name, determine company type, organizational structure
Provide Documents
Provide identity documents of directors and shareholders, address proof documents and other supporting documents
Register Successfully
Within 2 to 5 working days after incorporation, you will receive the original company registration documents

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