Bank Account Opening
30+ global banks optional, full refund if fail

Popular Areas of Bank Account Opening

Overseas bank

China Hong Kong

International trade is highly integrated and the financial market is mature


The first choice for layout in Southeast Asia, with high acceptance of global currencies

United States

The world's largest economy, the first choice for cross-border e-commerce

Macao, China

Highly export-oriented economy with well-developed banking and insurance industries

What are the advantages of opening an overseas bank account?

overseas bank

High reputation

High level of confidentiality and privacy

Forex trading freedom

Unlimited, multi-currency accounts

Unlimited deposits

Global Asset Allocation

Overseas Bank Account Opening Process

Handling process

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Select a Preferred Region
The client selects the jurisdiction and account type that need to open a bank account
Provide Documents
To apply for opening a bank account, customers need to provide
the following documents:

personal account

- ID card/passport

- bank statement

- proof of address

- Additional material

Company account

- company registration document

- directors, shareholders, ultimate beneficiary's identity documents or proof of address and other relevant documents

- If the shareholder is a company, you need to provide documents related to company registration

- Business Registration Certificate (if any)

Open Successfully
Cooperate with the bank to sign relevant documents and provide supplementary documents according to the bank's requirements

The bank staff arranges a video or telephone conference to confirm the account opening and complete the application

Why choose Finovy?

Finovy advantage

30+ banks worldwide
Direct bank
One-on-one account opening
Dedicated Advisors
Unsuccessful full refund
Service Guarantee
Customer information is strictly
Privacy Protection

Finovy Cooperative Banks

overseas bank

China Hong Kong
Other overseas banks

Common Problems

Common Problem

Why your overseas bank account opening is rejected?

Threshold Raised
As the demand for overseas account opening increases, banks have to tighten account opening policies and raise the threshold for account opening
Financial Supervision
The financial supervision of various countries is getting stronger and stronger, and the supervision of banks is becoming more and more stringent
Strict Screening
For their own profit considerations, banks will strictly screen customers when opening accounts
Lack of Experience
The information of the account holder is not fully prepared, the relevant certificates are not sufficient, and the answers to the bank manager's questions are not sufficient

How to maintain an overseas bank account?