Annual Audit of Overseas Companies
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Why Do Overseas Companies Need Annual Review?

Annual verification

For Tax Planning
Reasonably save operating costs and promote efficient operation of enterprises
Get International Credit
Improve the company's reputation and facilitate international trade
Expand Business Scope
Carry out commercial investment to maximize corporate profits
Easy Loan Financing
As a financing channel, it helps enterprises to list overseas
Legal Recognition of Qualification
Improving the integrity status of enterprises in the local government is the basis for the company's legal existence
Avoid Late Penalties
Companies that have not been audited will be fined according to the overdue time

Annual Audit Time and Precautions for Overseas Companies


Hong Kong Company

BVI Company

Cayman Company

Singapore Company

American Company

Seychelles Company

Annual Review Content:

Renewal of business registration certificate
Annual return
Statutory Secretary Renewal
Registered Address Renewal

Annual Review Time:

Before the anniversary date of the establishment of the company, if the annual review is not performed, a penalty will be incurred after 42 days

Why Choose Finovy?

Finovy advantage

Expert team
A team of senior financial and taxation experts creates exclusive customized solutions
Convenient specification
The audit conforms to accounting standards, and the notarization conforms to international notarization standards
Full hosting
Finovy ​​provides one-stop consulting and handling services, saving time and worry
Privacy protection
Customer information is kept strictly confidential and managed by special personnel, and the information is not leaked

Overseas Company Annual Review Process

Annual review process

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Prepare Documents
One month before the due date of the company's annual review, we will notify you to prepare relevant annual review materials.
Pay the Fee
After confirming the annual review, pay the relevant fees.
Complete the Annual Review
After completing the company's annual review, we will provide you with relevant
annual review documents.